What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a lifestyle concept based on producing long-lasting, conservative and natural systems. It involves farming, but also energy, resources, and infrastructure. Its principles include living ecologically, economically and in harmony with nature to create optimum biodiversity and protect the environment. At Schmid's Permaculture Farm we focus on providing our own food and energy. Our 15-year plan to create a model single-family subsistence farm began in March of 2014. We believe permaculture is essential to our planet's future.


Young people from all over the world come to help us on our farm. They work five hours a day, five days a week, in the barn, woods and gardens in exchange for free room and board. In addition to learning about permaculture with hands-on projects, in the evening we watch documentaries about ecology, climate change and new ways of farming. Workawayers also get a chance to explore the beauty of the Swiss Alps on their days off.  We currently host two Workawayers at a time from March to October with a minimum stay of four weeks.



In our effort to create a subsistence farm while benefitting the local and global environment, we have undertaken several projects...and have many more ideas yet to be realized. From our root-cellar and compost-toilet to our forest-garden and small ponds, we have attempted to document our experiments for the benefit of future generations. If you are interested in raising pot-bellied pigs or how to graft fruit-trees, how to create a natural hedge or a hill-bed, you will find examples of such here, along with our commentary.